Coming Soon: Hirata Art Tiles
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Designer Home Tiles will be featuring the photography of Takuo Hirata under the Hirata Art Tiles label. The tiles will be available as high quality glass, hardwood or ceramic tiles. There are many ways to use these beautiful tiles. You can use them in furniture, framed as art, as coasters, and you can even tile with them to give your home that "street of dreams" designer look. Most of our images can be printed on a square tile. Some cropping will be necessary if the image is not square.

When using glass or ceramic tiles, please use silicone grout as standard tile grout is very abrasive and can scratch the tiles if you trowel the grout in. We recommend using a protective coating to preserve the finish (available from hardware stores) if you use them in a tiling project. Use denatured alcohol or glass cleaner for clean up. Do not use strong chemicals such as muratic acid or acetone as they will destroy the tile finish. If you are incorporating our tiles with an existing tile project, you can use standard grouts. Simply set your tiles and carefully grout them in or trowel the grout in (if you mask off the tiles first). Use denatured alcohol to clean up any tape residue.

Use non abrasive cleansers only such as tilex, glass cleaner or denatured alcohol. Do not use strong chemical cleaners such as muratic acid or acetone.

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