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Suzhou embroidery is a traditional art form dating back 2000 years, requiring an experienced hand, a focus on balance, vividness, varied patterns and different levels of color. It features bright colors, detailed needlework and intricate images. Traditionally artisans used paintings by the masters as inspiration, especially paintings featuring people, flowers, birds, animals and landscapes. Hirata's photographs are fantastic sources of inspiration for this beautiful art form.

Our talented embroidery artists will create for you a one-of-a-kind silk embroidered masterpiece that will last forever. From top to bottom, every inch of our silk embroidery works is hand embroidered with silk threads, not painted or printed. Since each embroidered picture takes weeks to complete, we cannot mass produce them. This means that you must place your order way in advance of when you want delivery (2 months recommended). They come ready for you to mount and frame.

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